Thank you for joining our 4th Culture Next meeting!

After the meetings in Cluj, Romania, and Aveiro, Portugal, it was Debrecen’s turn to host the fourth meeting of the network. 13 cities have joined an intensive program of discussions, presentations, working sessions and site visits in the beautiful city of Debrecen.

Meetings are among the current main activities of the network, and take place twice a year. While the first meeting in September 2017 aimed to establish the network’s profile, the next network meeting, which took place in Cluj in May 2018, focused on selecting priority areas, conceiving joint projects and platforms for cooperation between the member cities. The third network meeting was hosted by Aveiro, ECoC candidate for Portugal in 2027.

Our fourth meeting in Debrecen focused on the topic of cultural tourism and was organized by the Secretariat of the network – Cluj Cultural Centre and VisitDebrecen, our local host that we would like to thank for their effort in making the meeting so interesting and full.

Our special thanks go to Franciska Papp, Gábor Gődény, for making us feel home in Debrecen and providing a perfect context for our work. Also, our thanks go to Dr. Diána Széles (Vicemayor of Debrecen in charge of Tourism, Youth and Civil Society), Szabolcs Komolay (Vicemayor of Debrecen in charge of Culture) and Tamás Szentei (Head of the Cultural Department of Debrecen’s Mayor’s Office) for making this meeting possible.

We are excited to say that every meeting is a proof that the network is growing bigger and stronger, and are very happy that new cities joined our efforts to build an alliance of organisations and people committed to implementing and advocating for culture-led urban development.

Please read through our short report of the meeting and scroll through some of the main ideas and topics that we have been working on in Debrecen.