Visions for Culture in a Sustainable Future 2021

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Visions for Culture in a Sustainable Future


We are selecting seven European artists (citizens or residents of any European country, inside and outside the European Union) to work individually or collectively and share their visions for culture in today’s changing world.

Submit your 2,000-character Vision for Culture in a Sustainable Future before February 25, 2022 and get selected as one of the seven. You get 2.000 euro (gross) to create a digital or non-digital artwork sharing your vision for culture.
In a facilitated process, you will meet the other selected artists, share your perspectives with them, and decide to join forces with any of them in collaborative projects, if you want to. In the end, this programme will therefore support the (co)creation of 1 to 7 seven artworks through a collaborative process involving the seven selected artists.
The resulting artworks will be hosted and promoted not just by the 10 cities which co-created the Fund, but by all 26 member cities of the Culture Next network. They are coming from 17 countries of the EU and the UK.


Selection criteria

About the Cities Fund

The Cities Fund for Culture is designed and tested by Culture Next network as an alternative financial mechanism and a bottom-up solution to complement the European Commission’s top-down funding structures. 10 European cities make financial contributions to a joint fund that would be offered, through an open call, to European artists interested in working together to share their Visions for Culture in a Sustainable Future.
The 10 co-founders of the Cities Fund for Culture are Aveiro (PT), Braga (PT), Belfast (IE), Cluj-Napoca (RO), Elefsina (GR), Faro (PT), Leeuwarden (NL), LEEDS (UK), Leuven (BE) and Oulu (FI).
The Cities Fund is developed and promoted by Culture Next, a network of 26 European cities committed to culture as sustainable development. More about the network at

The deadline for application has finished


Q: Are musicians/fashion designers/dancers accepted as eligible participants? Is music/dance/fashion accepted as artwork?
A: Participation is open to anyone without restrictions of residence, artistic training / experience, sex, age, ethnicity and we consider all forms of artistic expression.

Q: I was wondering if it was possible to apply with a small group of 4 persons, as a collective who works together? Or is it only applicable to individuals?
A: Participation can be either individual or in a group / team consisting of more than 1 member

Q: What exactly is what you are looking for? What type of experience / knowledge/ medium? A specific project proposal? Just an opinion on culture (but then, what is the expected outcome and the production budget for)?
A: At this phase we are looking for a 2,000-character description about your Vision for Culture in a Sustainable Future before February 25, 2022 . You get 2.000 euro (gross) to create a digital or non-digital artwork sharing your vision for culture.The concept must be a vision but it is important to understand from it what are your thoughts for implementation.