Dear European friends!
We are inviting you to join us in a virtual celebration of Europe Day. One of our members – candidate city for European Capital of Culture – Trenčín 2026 is organising this nice initiative.
This year we would like to use photos as a medium for celebration. Trenčín will collect pictures from all around Europe to celebrate the diversity and the beauty of our common ground. We are inviting everybody to share a picture of their favourite spot in Europe with the name of the locality (e.g. Trenčín, Slovakia). We want to take an online trip to those lovely places!
How to join? There are actually three ways of joining. On Monday (May 3) you can share on your channels a prepared social media post (you can download it from this article) to invite your fans to participate. They can add their favourite spots under your post with the name of the locality. The second way is to post the picture of your favourite place on your social media wall or story using hashtags #curiouseurope#cultivatingcuriosity#trencin2026#homeateurope and tag @trencin2026. And finally, and the last option is to send your photo directly to email At the end of the week (May 9) Trenčín 2026 will collect all the pictures from our European friends and will post them on their profile as an album. They also plan to create a picture map. If the situation allows, they would also love to prepare a real offline exhibition in Trenčín and Brussels.
For more information don’t hesitate to contact or read
Looking forward to seeing how beautiful Europe is!