STEAM education is increasingly recognised across Europe and the world as vital to shaping a balanced, stimulating and productive learning experience. By putting art and creativity to the heart of ‘STEM’ disciplines, this is supporting people of all ages to develop interpersonal, cognitive, creative and technical competencies and skills which facilitate strong learning outcomes in both attainment and achievement. In turn, this STEAM approach is producing well-rounded, imaginative skillsets and attitudes which translate well into an employment market that increasingly requires agile, resourceful and open-minded talent capable of adapting to an increasingly complex and transdisciplinary reality. Put simply, STEAM converges the arts and humanities with the sciences, seeding the innovation of the future. STEAM also helps nurture a resilient and dynamic ecosystem of activities, reaching across disciplines, encouraging creative problem-solving and connecting otherwise disparate parts of the economy.
Cities that can pioneer STEAM activities, catapulting the arts and creativity to the heart of the education offer, are those which will lead on innovation, productivity and quality of life. Oulu, European Capital of Culture 2026, and Aveiro, candidate city to be European Capital of Culture 2027, are collaborating to establish knowledge leadership in STEAM. This online event will bring to the surface emergent models, new learning, and reflections on the future, with professionals from Aveiro, Oulu and internationally, coming together to discuss how STEAM can become the norm as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and undergo a dynamic re-birth as a society that embraces the future.
Moderation: Tom Fleming