Building successful ecosystems based on cultural partnerships


Ambitious cultural projects, such as the European Capital of Culture, are brought to life in complex ecosystems involving people, initiatives, organisations, projects which are put together in a climate that aims to support the growth and organic development of cities, citizens and the cultural sector. Culture Next looks, at the network’s 6th meeting in Oulu, Finland, at the ecosystems of partners (both local and international) created or activated around such projects, and aims to explore the way they work, what keeps them alive, and what good do they bring to the local environment. We aim to explore this by looking into the role of networks, local and international partners, the importance of collaboration and cooperation in increasing our impact and the sustainability of our actions in the cultural sector.

Culture Next organizes meetings twice a year, which take place in various cities of the network, former or current candidates to the European Capital of Culture title. Each meeting aims to explore topics of interest both to the local hosts and the members of the network, and it’s an opportunity for participants to share their work, connect with other European cities sharing the experience of bidding for the ECoC title, work together and last but not least discover the local context of the hosting city.

The 6th Culture Next meeting is co-organized with the City of Oulu, which is bidding for the European Capital of Culture title in 2026. The main objective of the project is Cultural Climate Change that enhances connection between divided European citizens in a sustainable way. On a local level it reinforces the position of art and culture in the city. It’s about using culture as a city development tool and emphasising it as a factor to improve the quality of life.

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Culture Next meetings are particularly relevant to professionals, organisations, institutions, local administration representatives or international experts connected to the European Capital of Culture title.

Participation for the meeting is free of charge. Registration is open by February 21st.



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