Europe at Home is a project that aims to join different European cities and bring an artistic perspective, that can be seen and read, to this particular moment in our history that is being lived “at home”. ​#EuropeAtHome

We live in a historic moment with unparalleled challenges for all generations.

A few weeks ago the world stopped, Europe was no exception and a substantial part of the population closed itself at home. Europe – the world’s greatest project of peace, prosperity and solidarity that brings together countries and cultures – tried to answer to this pandemic Covid-19 crisis by adopting unprecedented public protection policies, settling social distance with the recommendation/obligation to keep the largest number of people at home. This decision created an unprecedented situation: our houses took on new dimensions and the public space can only allure a few people.

Involving cities in this project

Faro, capital of Algarve the southern region in Portugal, invited an initial group of cities, that place culture as one of their main development axis, to decode this particular moment in history through the photos of artists and through the texts of literary authors.

Across Europe there are countless examples of how culture is helping to think the present, and one of our first inspirations came from the city of Kaunas (Lithuania) and their photoproject “ Quarantine Windows”.

Although many of the cities involved are related to the title of European Capital of Culture, as well as the city of Faro, “Europe at Home” project aims to be an open movement that seeks to embrace any city in Europe and its artists. Know more about these different European cities and their artistic perspective, that can be seen and read, on this particular moment in our history that is being lived “at home”

Cities of Europe this message is for you!

If you are part of a city, municipality or region or if you are part of a culture-based organization that works in connection with the city, contact us. We really want to show the work of the artists in your city.

​The project is aimed at cities or cultural structures that represent it. It implies the realization of both a photographic work and a literary work (already existing works that suit the objectives and motto of the project can also be presented). No fee needed.

Several cities from the Culture Next network have already joined the project, along with many others. If you want to take part in Europe at Home or want to see the contributions so far, see more details here: